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Art Evolved is a fantastic paleo-blog which happens to specialise in paleo-art, but it is more than that; it is a community and a hub of all things palentological and dinosaury on the web.

Approximately every two months they have a Life Capsule. These are, I suppose, very much like time capsules except instead of being buried they are there on the net for this and future generations to explore. Each Capsule is a gallery corresponding to one animal or theme. Since I found them there have been gallery topics ranging from paleo-environments, to trilobites, to mammoths; not to mention dinosaurs in popular culture.

They take submissions from the public and even did a Pink Dinosaurs event to raise money for breast cancer.

They also have essays and news about reconstruction techniques, news in the paleo-world and pointers to other fab science-art or just science websites and blogs. Often the comment fields at the end of such essays become micro-forums where the topics are discussed in depth. The team that runs the site is friendly and welcoming, regardless of your level of knowledge or expertise. You can learn and share and, if you are anything like me, the Time Capsules actually get me drawing and thinking about drawing.


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  1. Thanks very much for the kind review!

    Mo Hassan (admin at ART Evolved)

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