About Me

Me and Alaric Sarah Snell-Pym

Art is not science and science is not art but nor are they the strict dichotomy most of us grow up to believe – they are both areas that need creativity and intellect, not to mention an intuitive grasp of both the big and the small and most of all the seeking of patterns. I am a trained scientist; I am am also an artist and mainly what I am interested in is communicating concepts, ideas and feelings. I am the Artistic Scientist or the Scientific Artist. This website is a dumping ground/collection point for my crossover works including: sculpture, drawing/painting, kids crafts. poetry and creative writing, including world building and helpful info on science as plot devices. I am also taking a broad interpretation of science here so that it includes nature and technology.

Basically Science can inspire Art and Art can help communicate Science and even in rare cases help scientific discoveries.

If you like what you see you can look at other arts and craft projects of mine here, and read other creative writing here. I like submitting work to groups and communities, the links to which are here.

Science wise I graduated from Imperial College’s Royal School of Mines in 2003 with a Geology BSc. This was followed by work experience at the Natural History Museum in London in both Paleontology and Mineralogy. One involved anthropology (though I mainly sieved out bats’ teeth from cave floor sediments) and the other meteoritics where I classified meteorites and the like. I did attempt a Masters of Research but due to family issues and my own health I had to withdraw twice, the last of which was in 2008, much to my sadness; and not least as I had a sample of moon rock from NASA to work on.

Art-wise, I have a multitude of poems published, a few short stories and a couple of articles on various things. I make Wiggly Pets and have been doing so since the turn of the century. I did a creative writing short course at college during my A levels and attended Write Club and Buzz Words in Cheltenham for a couple of years. I have also attended art classes; the only ‘formal’ art training I have is my GCSE for which I got a B and an offer to go off to Art College and do a Foundation course instead of A levels – I refused, choosing science. I did however spend large parts of my university lectures drawing what I could see under the microscope or sketching the hill side or drawing diagrams of what I thought a Pre-Cambrain sea would look like with multiple cut-aways. Mainly though I have run craft workshops for schools, festivals and scout groups.

Other things you probably want to know about me:

I live in the Cotswolds in a disused water mill with my husband, daughters, aunt in law and too many pets. We love growing our own veg and self sufficiency along with the whole computer/tech geek thing – our life is quiet chaotic and if you really want too you can find out about pretty much all of it here.