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From The Moon

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

From The Moon by Tom Brown

From The Moon full colour by Tom Brown

Art Evolved

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Art Evolved is a fantastic paleo-blog which happens to specialise in paleo-art, but it is more than that; it is a community and a hub of all things palentological and dinosaury on the web.

Approximately every two months they have a Life Capsule. These are, I suppose, very much like time capsules except instead of being buried they are there on the net for this and future generations to explore. Each Capsule is a gallery corresponding to one animal or theme. Since I found them there have been gallery topics ranging from paleo-environments, to trilobites, to mammoths; not to mention dinosaurs in popular culture.

They take submissions from the public and even did a Pink Dinosaurs event to raise money for breast cancer.

They also have essays and news about reconstruction techniques, news in the paleo-world and pointers to other fab science-art or just science websites and blogs. Often the comment fields at the end of such essays become micro-forums where the topics are discussed in depth. The team that runs the site is friendly and welcoming, regardless of your level of knowledge or expertise. You can learn and share and, if you are anything like me, the Time Capsules actually get me drawing and thinking about drawing.

Celestial Montage

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Celestial Montage ESA_space_inspiration

I created this image as my entry into the European Space Agencies Create Your Space Competition – I was a runner up 🙂 It originally appeared on my Astronomy Blog. It is called Celestial Montage and is a combination of four ESA images/photographs sketched in coloured fine liners. The original is not very big, being in an A5 pad, but I really like the way it came out. I sketched the outline in pencil before inking in – it was my first attempt at sketching colour using fine liner pens. This poem accompanied it:

Did Life fall into this cradle
This Earth, this home –
We now attempt to climb out of?
Or is it more than a cradle
Some crucible or potters wheel
Shaping and baking us in forms renewed?

Maybe in truth it is a bit of both
And as humanity takes its first toddler steps
We begin to see the variety that our world holds


Life here investigated

In case of alien brethren
Life searched for by the heart if not the mind
As the astronaut steps out into the void
For themselves, for us, for a future
A future – As yet unknown
A future for us all
As we grow too large for this world to contain
A cradle we have explored from end to end

But it is only with eyes freshly opened
To the wonders beyond
That we begin to see what we have missed
That which hides in plan sight
The beauty of our world
We seek its twins, our mirrors –
Its twisted folly of form


And if we are on our own?
Then look at the wonders the search has wrought
And if we are not?
Then maybe we will truly see ourselves
For the first time

Until then the void is calling
And all these things?

These investigations
These satellites
And images –
Are our jumping off point
Our call to the unknown

Do you wonder what it will answer?