Paleo-Art is art of the old, mainly fossils and dinosaurs. It is the reconstructions and the fun cartoons. And for the sake of this web-site it will include some archeological sketches.

There is a list of wonderful artists and resources in the side bar but mainly I like taking part in Art Evolves Time Capsule Galleries which take submissions from the public and is a very good place to start.

Paleo-Art at its most serious is an important asset to paleontologists and sedimentologists with organism reconstruction and paleo-environments. I however mainly just do fun stuff though I attempt to draw from skeletons or fossils rather than just from my mind’s eye. My sculpture, however, is currently all done from ‘feel’; I am working on a set of papier mache dinosaurs where me and my Dad have constructed skeletons out of pipe cleaners.

And here is some of my art work. If there is an article about the picture then the image acts as a link if not it will simple take you to a larger image:

Acanthostega knitted coral Sugru critters Giant Papier Mache Coral Fimo Shrimp Trilobite! Struth Icth Giant Land Sloth Giant Camel Fimo Trilobite Eco Bites First Lands Sea Dragon Dark Trilobite Archeopryx Felt Think Pink Dino Lego Think Pink Dinosuar volcano cupcakes Volcano and Dinosaur Cake Jeany Triceratops Think Pink Dinosaur Fimo Dinosaurs Helga Mammoths Lucky Christmas