The Flying Machine

Mary and Jean are ever so keen
to explore space in a flying machine
This flying machine belongs to their ma
Who borrowed it from their grandpa
Grandpa says he once flew to a far distant star
Where the aliens where large and green
They had to be seen
Both agreed
So they worked hard to fix the flying machine

It burbled and bubbled
And flustered and struggled
But eventually went up in the sky
It flew around and around
But landed with an unfortunate bump on the ground
With a bit of care and lots of elbow grease
Once more they flew into the sky
with grace of a swarm of geese

Of went Mary and Jean who were ever so keen
to explore in that flying machine
First to the moon and then to Mars
Then on to Jupiter, the gas giants
and then to the stars
Out in the galactic back waters they found
Each part of the universe sang with its own special sound
and there they found…

star surfing whales who told rather large tales
and Dark stars with solar quakes
and that the Amdromedians do like to bake
a lot and a lot and a lot of moon mint cake
Oh have another piece for goodness sake!

Once they even found a hole many billions of light years wide
Jean and Mary thought it looked a good place to hide
From the moon mice who squeaked and peeped
And skipped around singing all the time
Which was no crime but got boring and the snoring of Jean…
Was an embrassement
which lead to harassment of the concerned moon mice
which wasn’t nice

so off they went again
this time to explore universe membranes

Plasma seas and oceans of stars
Traffic jams of celestial cars
Candy floss made of vapour from the beginning of all
And trying not to fall down any planets gravity wells

So many stories the girls had to tell
Of adventures in their flying machine
The one that belonged to their Ma
Built by their half alien grandpa
Who were waiting at home
True they were just at the end of the phone
But Mary and Jean were ever so keen to fly home in their flying machine
And tell those tales in person you see
and also have a spot of home cooked tea

Of course once home it was time to begin
to plan the next adventure
Of inter dimensions and vortexes where mentioned

Some adjustments would have to be made to the flying machine
which was fine because Mary and Jean were ever so keen
To explore all they could in Ma’s flying machine
With grandpa and ma they made a pretty good team!

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