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I blamed the moon

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

I blamed the moon
when the wildness struck;
spinning away on my own axis
to the far side of the moon.
The gravitational pull was too strong,
tides pushed and pulled me,
surged blood along my veins.
I circled the earth in waves of light,
my dark side hidden from view.
Later, I waned, when the neap tide came
and the sun died for the day.
I shouted and screamed and danced at the moon
but there was no reply.

I told everyone the moon made me do it.
Said it was just a phase I was going through.

Carol Sheppard February 2019

Moon Kid Ring

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Moon Kid Rings

Moon kid rings a cloud
Deftly lassoed by space thread
Pulled to hard crater
Candy soft bed for the night
But it faded to vapour!

The Ink Warrior

Potentially Me

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Potentially Me, potentially
Patterns growing
Swerling round and curling down
But down is up and up is down

Potentially Me, potentially
Patterns in the sky
In the ground
In the stars
Waiting to be found
Curling inwards as concepts virally abound

Potentially Me, potentially
Patterns seething
Order from chaos
And the chaos is breathing
Life is needing what chaos is feeding

Potentially Potentially


Sunday, July 21st, 2019

The struggle of slumbered light
Jealously crushed by Moons raging spite
Foreboding white spectral eye
Governed by the heavens cyclic tie
Cold ground awash with darkened blanket
The sins of the sun allowed to forget
Cosmic force stirs onyx earth
Brings witness to nocturnal birth
Creatures stirred by Pans hypnotic lyre
Danced merry with mischiefs contagious fire
Realm of the sleeper in dreamy state
Moonshine claws at Hades gate
Welcoming those embracing death
Guided swiftly by ancient spirits breath
Clutched hopes of rebirth by Gaia neath
To remain eternal in mother’s peace.

Jason Conway


Sunday, July 21st, 2019

She whips her silver bulls
that heave her chariot
riding rough on navy-black
silk sea turning under hooves

Animals under flotsam light
freeze as hedgehogs
with pinpricked eyes
on snow trod motorways

The ocean of air sinks below
to ice mist/ raining diamonds
so even the softest paw
crunches compact grass

But above in slow swirl/ stars
blink/ Selene coruscates/ casting
black over sleepless fish

Bats and owls dart through grass
ripping through cloudless sky
shrieking howl hymns to death

by Z D Dicks


Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Once I thought it was easy
Once I thought it all defined
Then came along another truth
I had to stop and find
My brain stretched
My mind popped
And in a chair I did flop
At thoughts of a void
Filled with billion of glowing plasma balls
I investigated using mathematical tools
Showing systems of rocks
And gaseous spheres
Ballet dancing with icy shards
Circling these pin point stars
And the stars bunched in fried egg shapes
With globules and dumbbells at any rate
Pulsing with annihilation
Galactic clutter that clusters
I felt I needed a vacation
So I moved onto super clusters
And voids billions of light years wide
Killing of my planetary pride
With invisible planets and stars burning cold
All many of phenominian yet to unfold
And just as this was all sinking in
The synapses began to sizzel and sing
With giant balloons inflating
Membranes and hand claps of gods for the rating
Thoughts spiralling around the concepts
Big Bang
Big Crunch
I scrabbled for some chocs to munch
And then with suns ringing like bells
With solar quakes
I stood back and with a shake
Saw it was all minute
Something small, insiginificant and really rather cute
Like the realisation of the child that was me
There was a whole world out there to see
The world kept expanding
And then the Universe rushed in to fill the gaps
Expanding my mind to the max
Now there is a multiverse
Which makes me smile and… curse
I ponder what on this adventure to take
And hope, just hope I have enough Kendal mint cake

Dune Box

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Fear is the mind-killer

Said Muad’Dib of Dune

Just like the film’s budget

That stretched up to the moon

Put your hand in the box

He was ordered by the Haderach

To try to prove him worthy

To open time and space’s locks

His hand went it all brave and fit

Till itching turned to burning

His flesh peeled and bubbled till

His mind could take not more of it

The moral of the story is very clear

Is if you’re approached by a stranger

Asking you to put your hand inside a box

Don’t be stupid and give in to peers

As films go it moved me as teenager

I dreamt of special powers coming from my hands

But the only thing that’s stuck with me

Is to see all holey boxes as DANGER!

By Jason Conway

The Colour of Writing

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Purple prose
bruised and dowdy
Awaiting its glory
By bleeding out the joy

White fluffy prose
Of sugar spun lace
Melting on the tongue
Insubstantial and unsatisfying
Making you fat and hungry for more

Green prose
Innocently jealous
Wanting what will smother
The voice
Young and tender sap
Rising to the stars

Under A Full Moon

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Full moon up above the starlit night sky.
The ocean below is illuminated by the moonlight.
The waves crash lightly on the beach below.
I am on my balcony overlooking the moon.
The moon is a striking sight!
I can see the cratered surface clearly
Amongst the shaded and light surface of the sphere.
What a wonderful sight!
It almost seems unreal
Like a cardboard cutout against matt-black wallpaper in the heavens.
I can hear the hissing of insects below,
The sound of waves crashing,
Such beautiful sounds.
When I see the full moon I think of you,
How you moved me from the start.
The night is as black as your hair,
Illuminated by the silver moonlight,
Like the twinkle in your eye.
Silver against black.
The stars glimmer like the twinkle in your eyes.
As natural as we are together is as natural as
The waves crashing against the beach.
We touched upon something under a full moon.

by Chris Boman.


Sunday, July 21st, 2019

You single spherical satellite
one moon orbiting our world
As the sun moves across your face
leaving traces of earth shadow
your phases form;
crescent and sickle; half-moon and full,
the eternal dance of the month’s return.
You only show us one side of your face
one bright aspect of your dual personality.
The speed with which you spin is always
equalling your orbit, so, that shyly and
slyly you keep your other side hidden.

Although you pull the tides of our oceans
our gravity causes moonquakes below
your crust…
your features remain immobile as your
bleached surface shines silver in the dark
a lamp for lovers, a mythical mood maker,
our life-cycle mother.

Josephine Lay 2019