Under A Full Moon

Full moon up above the starlit night sky.
The ocean below is illuminated by the moonlight.
The waves crash lightly on the beach below.
I am on my balcony overlooking the moon.
The moon is a striking sight!
I can see the cratered surface clearly
Amongst the shaded and light surface of the sphere.
What a wonderful sight!
It almost seems unreal
Like a cardboard cutout against matt-black wallpaper in the heavens.
I can hear the hissing of insects below,
The sound of waves crashing,
Such beautiful sounds.
When I see the full moon I think of you,
How you moved me from the start.
The night is as black as your hair,
Illuminated by the silver moonlight,
Like the twinkle in your eye.
Silver against black.
The stars glimmer like the twinkle in your eyes.
As natural as we are together is as natural as
The waves crashing against the beach.
We touched upon something under a full moon.

by Chris Boman.

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